DADA Success Academy

The DADA Success Academy is a learning centre, which develops and delivers holistic mentoring and coaching programmes, workshops and online content for your personal, professional & business growth. Our programmes and literature aim to enrich and supercharge the lives of our students & members, by way of a MINDreSET..

The 5 Pillars of Success Formula ensure that you see significant improvements in all the key areas of your life, as a direct result of enrolling on first our MINDreSET20/20 Challenge which leads ultimately to the 1-2-1 GPS Holistic Mentoring and Coaching Programmes. In addition we present programmes for each of the 5 pillars through engaging experts from each of these chosen fields.

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Flagship programme summary

Grow Personal Success (GPS) 1 Day Workshop
This introductory workshop provides an overview of the GPS Level 1 programme, which helps the individual to assess whether they are ready for this level of personal development.

Grow Personal Success (GPS) Mentoring Level 1
A foundation level, 12 week (one-to-one) Holistic Mentoring and Coaching programme with Tony DADA, which acts as a catalyst to help students develop and refine their mind-set. This in turn accelerates the process of identifying natural talents, abilities and unique gifts.

Programme benefits for students 

  • Receive clear steps that can be implemented immediately to start the transformation process.
  • Opportunity to “deep dive” into specific concerns/blockers to success due through small group sizes and openness of discussion.
  • Opportunity to network and connect with like minded, creative, entrepreneurial individuals, who want to discover their purpose and make a positive difference in their organisation, community, or our world.

Upcoming Events  2020

  • See Your Future, Create your Future with 20/20 Vision
    A 1 Day Introductory Workshop into the GPS System hosted by People Leaders Network. This monthly 1 Day Workshop is delivered Tony Biola Dada - The Conscious Creative Social Entrepreneur.

Literature available 

  • Book - The GPS  system – 7 universal principles for Growing Personal Success
  • A range of short films (live footage of our workshops), Podcast and interviews with experts that’s available to our members.

"Within a couple of weeks of starting the GPS mentoring and coaching programme my relationship and marriage of 10 years was transformed. Now we are preparing to renew our wedding vows."

Jade Pinnock Grow Personal Success (GPS) Graduate

"Tony's book gives his account of a three decade journey within the borough of Wandsworth. He has shared the lessons he learned on this journey with young people in South London to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations."

Paul Martin CEO of Wandsworth Council