Affiliate Terms

  1. You may only use your affiliate links to promote the DADA Success Academy in an ethical way.
  2. This means spam of any kind, in any media is strictly prohibited and will result in your affiliate account being deleted permanently.
  3. You also agree to only engage in promotional activity that is within the bounds of the law and take full responsibility for any such violations.
  4. You take full responsibility for the money you earn as an affiliate and will account for those earnings in line with the law.
  5. DADA Success Academy reserves the right to reject any referral without giving a reason. This means no commission will be paid to you for rejected referrals.
  6. You agree to indemnify DADA Success Academy, it's owners, directors and associates from any loss of any kind that you incur in your promotional activity as an affiliate.
  7. Commission will only be paid on a referral once the customers money back guarantee period has expired and has not been claimed.
  8. You agree to receive your commission in Bitcoin or via PayPal only. If you cannot receive your commission in this way you are not eligible to be an affiliate.
  9. You will create only one affiliate account. Creating more than one account will result in you being permanently banned from the program.
  10. Any disputes will be carried out in the legal jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

If you have any questions about affiliate membership, please contact us at:

We will endeavour to respond to your questions within 24 hrs.